Stewardship Gifts of Talent acknowledge that God gives each of us unique abilities and gifts and that we are called to develop those talents for the good of others.  We commit a certain number of hours each week to using those gifts in the service of our parish, local, national and global communities.

Whether inward gifts like the gifts of input, consistency, responsibility, and many others, or outward focused gifts, like organization, photography, woodworking, farming, etc., these talents help us to fulfill God’s will for us here on Earth. 

Outward focused gifts are best paired with ministries
in which those talents are used.

Inward focused gifts help define who we are. To understand our inward gifts, we will look at them through the study of Living Your Strengths.

Living Your Strengths shows all members how to use their innate gifts to enrich their congregations and parishes– right now. It teaches you to identify and affirm your talents, and how to use them for growth and service. Every church member plays a role in energizing and shaping the church. Living Your Strengths will help you find your role — and, most importantly, it will inspire you to discover your true calling. [1]