Faith Formation

Parents are the first educators of their children as a God-given responsibility. They are the first to introduce the faith to their children.Parents exercise this fundamental responsibility with the aid and support of both the Church and civil community. Both have a vested interest and responsibility in education of the young.Parents possess the fundamental right to choose the formative tools that support their convictions and fulfill their duty as the first educators.


Catechist Resources

Our catechists and small group leaders are the hands & feet of our Faith Formation program. These volunteers help bring the message of Jesus Christ and the entirity of the Catholic faith to your youth. If you know someone who is currently serving as a catechist, please take time to thank them for your dedicated service to our faith.

June 2023

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  • Middle school Faith Formation
  • Middle school Faith Formation

Ready to learn more about being Catholic?

St. Andrew’s Ministry (RCIA – The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

What does that mean and why do I care?

It means that we help facilitate an encounter with Jesus to people who are longing for a different relationship with Jesus.  Some may have no knowledge of Him, others could be baptized into a different faith and long to see Jesus in a new way, and some could be fallen away Catholics that long to be back in relationship with Jesus. 

When St. Andrew took Peter to meet Jesus all that he said to Peter was “I have found the Messiah.” All we have to do to bring people to Jesus is tell them about how they have experienced the love that Jesus has for all people.  Complete this sentence, “I have found … in Jesus.” 

The process of RCIA starts with evangelization.  Evangelization is not as scary as it sounds.  It is simply showing people who Jesus is, helping them encounter Jesus in their lives, and encourage them to encounter Christ in the Church. 

St. Andrew be our guide as we try to bring people to Jesus, just like you brought Peter to Him.

Do you have a desire to share your faith with inquiring adults?  Do you know someone who would be interested in deepening their faith?  Reach out to ??? to learn more about our St. Andrew ministry who helps our faithful through the process of RCIA.

It’s your faith journey, we are just the guide.

We encourage you to contact our parish office for more information about joining the Church. Please contact Monica Mabe at 989-403-8855 or complete this form to start your personalized journey today!

Adult Formation

From book studies, to mom’s groups, to ministries and liturgy. Our parish has many opportunities available for adults who are seeking to deepening their relationship with God and practice their faith more fully.

Check out the home page of the website to see what events and activities are available at this time.

The Diocese of Grand Rapids has partnered with the Catechetical Institute to receive authentically Catholic resources that help to form those within your parish or your school who are forming others.  All the workshops are available to every person in our parish or school, at no cost to you!   Hundreds of workshops in all ministry fields are being developed for this platform, to allow a diocese to thoroughly train and spiritually nurture any person involved in passing on the faith.  Learn more about this amazing program contact Monica Mabe at

Have an Idea? Help us Grow!

We are always looking for new ways to help share the faith with our community. Do you have an idea for a book study, speaker, or event? We would love to hear from you!

Are there additional resources you would like shared on our website or with our parish family? Please let us know!

Complete this form to help our Faith Formation department grow and serve our parish better.

Online Resources

  • Catholic Information Center
    • Classes and programs to help people learn, celebrate, live and pray the Catholic Faith. We also offer institutes to equip Catholics with knowledge and skills to become leaders in their parishes.
    • Thousands of Catholic movies, programs, audio, and books instantly at your fingertips, for FREE.
  • Catholic Central
    • Short video clips, intended for teens, which help to explain the tenants of our Catholic faith through humor and a youthful approach.
  • Sophia Institute Sketchpad
    • Short video clips, intended for youth and teens, which discuss the Sacraments.
  • I’m Beggar
    • I’m Beggar is geared toward older teens and those who prefer guided reflection. These videos will help you enter deeper into your faith.
  • Word on Fire
    • Bishop Robert Barron is proclaiming Christ in the culture. From book studies to podcasts and videos, Bishop Barron helps you find your faith in your daily life.
  • Ascension Presents
    • These podcasts feature Fr. Mike Schmitz, Dr. Edward Sri, Jeff Cavins and more. Faith topics for our current times.
  • Catholic Icing
    • This website offers hundreds of ideas for at-home Catholic learning activities. It features hands-on activities, coloring pages and lessons for our younger Catholics. It’s the perfect way to help fill those “bored” gaps in your schedule.
  • Protecting Young Eyes
    • Are you a tech-ready parent? In today’s ever changing digital world, we must do everything we can to protect our children. This website helps you stay on-top of the advancements and risks of digital usage for children.
  • Virtus Online
    • St. Joseph Parish, and the Diocese of Grand Rapids, are committed to keeping children safe from all those who which to harm them. We participate in the Virtus- Protecting God’s Children program. To learn more, please contact the parish office.
    • This program is used to notify families in case of a change in schedule or a class cancellation. If you have children participating in our Faith Formation program, please contact the parish office to learn more about signing up.