Year of St. Joseph

Year of St. Joseph

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St. Joseph: The Pillar of Patience

St. Joseph is known as the pillar of patience.  Imagine the patience needed to raise the Son of God and accept God’s calling without knowing exactly what is going on.  Patience and Patient both come from the Latin root word pati which is translated to suffering.  Join us for a testimony from Beth Mowatt about how she can evangelize her faith in the healthcare field without every saying “God”. Guest Speaker: Beth Mowatt

St. Joseph: The Pillar of Families

St. Joseph was the head of the Holy Family. Through this role he became the pillar of families by protecting his family in all ways. The family, which is founded and given life by love, is meant to be an effective sign of Christ in the world. So it is no wonder that the Evil One wants to destroy it. Join us as we reflect on how we can promote families in our faith and our society. Sunday, August 22, 2021- 6:00 pm Guest Speaker: Cami Mann

St. Joseph: The Most Obedient
“What is Freedom?”

What is Freedom? Our faith is rich in understanding of the true meaning of freedom. St. John Paul spoke many times on the importance of freedom in our lives. Come learn how embracing freedom in your daily life can bring you closer in your personal relationship with Christ. Guest Speaker: Grace Verdun

St. Joseph: The Foster-Father of the Son of God

St. Joseph is the loving foster father of Jesus.  During the month of June we honor all fathers; biological, adoptive, foster, step, grand, god, and more.  Join us for guest speaker Jennifer Patrick from Family Enrichment Center who will share about the amazing gift of fostering.  This event will also have a presentation on the charism of the Foster Father of Jesus.  June 16, 7-8pm. Special gifts and surprises available to those who participate.

St. Joseph: Spouse of the Mother of the Son of God

One of the charisms St. Joseph is known for is the Spouse of the Mother of God.  Our faith is rich in understanding and wisdom about what it means to be a good spouse.  On Thursday, May 27 we hosted a presentation entitled “What is a Good Spouse” featuring guest speakers Dave & Nicole Doppel.

St. Joseph: Protector of Workers

On May 1, St. Joseph Parish hosted a presentation on St. Joseph the Worker, including a testimony from Ryan Pohl and how he followed the St. Joseph the Worker model to help empower skilled trades in Kent County.