The Year of the Eucharist

The Year of the Eucharist

June 2023-June 2024 is planned as the Year of Parish Revival. Fr. Darrel and the Diocese of Grand Rapids will engage their staff and parishioners with community-specific activities and events such as catechetical formation on the Real Presence of Christ, opportunities to better understand and enter more deeply into the Paschal Mystery through the celebration of the Mass, and opportunities for Adoration and Reconciliation. 

Acknowledging the troubling 2019 Pew Research Study which indicated that 70% of Catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence, Bishop Andrew Cozzens, appointed Chairman of the Board of the National Eucharistic Congress, affirms the timing of the Revival. “We are really aware in these times that we live that the Church needs to become more missionary. The culture itself doesn’t support what we do anymore as Catholics,” Cozzens notes. “All Catholics are invited into a renewed encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, especially those Catholics who don’t fully understand the power of the Eucharist.” As people are seeking deeper connection more than ever before, “this is a time not to be ashamed of the Gospel but to proclaim it from the rooftops.”

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Encounter the Reality of our Eucharistic Lord

The Revival is a grassroots movement of Catholics, each responding to the gift of the Eucharist in their own way. This page is home to free educational and inspirational content to help you learn more about the reality of Jesus in the Eucharist and fall more deeply in love with him. We will expand this section as more resources become available.

“The Eucharist is the gateway key to the civilization of love that we long to create. Jesus promised that he would be truly present in the sacrament of the altar–but also in the flesh and blood of our neighbors, especially those who are poor and suffering,” remarks Archbishop Jose Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles. “If we ever hope to end human indifference and social injustice, then we need to revive this sacramental awareness. In every human person we meet– from the infant in the womb to our elderly parents drawing their dying breaths–we must see the image of the living God.”

Individuals are encouraged to Join the Revival by signing up for a weekly newsletter, kicking off the week of June 19, for inspiration, testimonies, Eucharistic teachings, and news associated with National Eucharistic Revival events, including how to register for the Congress in 2024. More ways to support the Revival and get involved via prayer, fasting, and penance may be found at  3