Gift card fundraising is the right way to raise money.

Buy gift cards from your favorite brands to use for your daily purchases. It’s the easiest way to create opportunities for your organization and the people that matter most to you. No extra money spent. No extra time wasted.

SCRIP Order Form

SCRIP General Policy

SCRIP Paper Enrollment Form

SCRIP Digital Enrollment Form

SCRIP as Easy as 1-2-3

SCRIP is a continual fundraiser that St. Joseph School participates. It’s a great way to earn money while purchasing everyday products such as gas, groceries, clothing, etc. without going door to door selling to your neighbors.

  1. Placing Your Order
    Paying with Cash or Check
    -You may send your handwritten orders (along with payment) to school with your child or place it in the collection basket at church,

    -You may order at the parish website and exchange your order for payment at the time of pick up. This option is limited to registered parishioners with a maximum order of $200.

    Paying with Credit/Debit Card
    -You may place your order at

    -There are certain retailers that offer “SCRIPNow! Ecards” which are electronic gift cards that can be ordered and printed from your account or used from your smartphone immediately.

    -The final option is to reload your gift cards online with over 50 retailers available.
  2. Picking Up Your Order
    -Pick up from the parish office during normal office hours
    -Request it sent home with your student from school
    -Special arrangements can be made, please reach out for more information
  3. Fundraising
    As a member of our School or Faith Formation community, you have the ability to fundraise for yourself as well. To qualify for this fundraiser, please complete the SCRIP Enrollment Form or complete it digitally.

    The remaining 50% can be designated in your choice of 4 ways
    -100%- All credits accumulated in the program should be credited to the General SCRIP fund.
    -50% School- 50% of credits will be applied to designated family, remainder will be applied to General SCRIP Fund
    -50% Faith Formation- 50% of credits will be applied to designated family, remainder will be applied to General SCRIP Fund
    -50% Technology will be applied to the Technology Fund